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After and during my chemotherapy sessions I went through a terrible ordeal, the pain in my body was pretty unbearable I tried quite a few high street based massage places, they eased the pain but only momentarily, then it was suggested by a friend to try Indian Therapy Massage and Cupping , at first I was abit reluctant to try something I knew nothing about, but am I glad I did, the pain and discomfort was eased that night was the first time I had slept throughout the night, I have never looked back to those dark days, now which is hardly ever if I get any kind of pain ,first call is to this lovely lady (Mrs Nijjar) is to put her healing hands on my back and shoulders and massage away the pain. Anyone who is suffering with aches , pains and any kind of discomfort should certainly try this massage, I can assure you you'll be back for more,they're that good. Thank you once again healing hands.